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First, let me start by apologizing for how late I am in getting the new book out to you. ALL THE TIME YOU NEED is taking much longer than I anticipated to finish. I can’t blame it on anything other than me, but I will share with you that this year has been a rough one. In April, my older dog died. For thirteen years, Stinky was a wonderful part of our family and I loved him dearly. Though, at his age, his loss wasn’t a total surprise, it definitely skewed my world. Then, at the end of May, our younger dog died. Oscar was my baby and his death a complete surprise. My world which had begun to right itself, flipped on its end. I had almost a month of staring at a blank screen, unable to write. Behind schedule? You bet. But we go on…right? You bet.

On August 16, my 92-year-old mother fell and broke her femur right below the hip. They did emergency surgery that night and she never fully recovered from that. Four days later, she was gone. For the last 13 years – since my father’s death in 2001 – she had lived with us. So, it’s especially difficult each time I pass her room, expecting her to be in there, watching television or talking to her cat, or ready to hear what’s happening in the story I’m working on. Now, I know 92 is a ripe old age, and my mom lived to see so many wonders in this world. I’m grateful for all the time we had together and the fact that she is the one who instilled in me an abiding love of reading. Still, I’ve had a difficult time putting away the personal feelings and immersing myself in the writing.

Difficult, but not impossible.

ALL THE TIME YOU NEED is moving forward. The last couple of days I’ve actually been able to step into Alex and Annie’s world and “see” their story happening again. I’m hopeful that this is the last monthly update where I’ll have to apologize for delaying their story! I just wanted to let you know why there was a delay and to send you all my sincere thanks for bearing with me.

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Until next time!

~ Melissa

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