ABOUT ME ~ I’m Melissa.  I spend my time daydreaming for a living, spinning tales and creating stories that all have happy endings.  I can tell you with no hesitation, putting words together to share those stories is the best job I’ve ever had!

ABOUT MY BOOKS ~  No matter the genre or series, all my books have some basic things in common, all of which reflect my view of how the world should be:

~ Good will ultimately triumph over evil

 ~ We’re all stronger than we think we are

 ~ Everyone needs to learn to love themselves before they can find love with someone else

~ There truly is someone out there for everyone

~ The hero and heroine will always end up with their Happy Ever After

If these sound like the things you want to find in the books you read, I invite you to Join me on a Journey and give my stories a try!  Though you can find more information on each of the books, along with Links to Purchase, by choosing the BOOKS tab at the top of the page, here’s the basics:

I’m currently writing in two different genres/series of Romances:

The first is Time Travel Historical Romances, set in current day and medieval Scotland, filled with strong women [even if they don’t always recognize strength in themselves!], handsome Highlanders, and the occasional meddling Faerie [after all, the time travel had to come from somewhere!]  This is my Magic of Time series and the first of these books [ ALL THE TIME YOU NEED ] is out now. The second, ANYWHERE IN TIME, is the book I’m working on now and should be out mid-2015.  We have a Facebook Group to give readers a place to chat about these characters and the flow of the stories — which, yes, all stem from my original Daughters of the Glen series!   Want to be included in the Magic of Time group?  It’s as easy as clicking HERE and asking to be in the group! We chat about the series, other books, and I even drop in there to bounce ideas off the members!

The second series I’m writing is Contemporary Romance set in Chance, Colorado, a small town straight out of my imagination, based on a number of actual small Colorado towns.  This is the Chance Colorado series and the first book in this series [ TAKE A CHANCE ] came out in December, 2013.  The second [ SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE] is scheduled for release in late 2015.   There’s already a group on Facebook for readers who want to discuss the plots and characters of these books.  We’d love to have you join us!  If you’re interested, click HERE to be taken to the group page.


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