Time Travel / Paranormal: The Tattoos

The Tattoos

Kaden Mayhue

Kaden Mayhue – the Newest Guardian

The marks worn by heroes in both the Daughters of the Glen series and in The Warriors books are significant of who [and what!] they are.  Below you’ll find more information about each of the marks.

All tats were designed to meet my visions of the marks by the talented Nicholas Wade-Mayhue and are copyrighted.

I was surprised — and delighted! — this past year to see the tattoos showing up in real life!  [See Reader Photos at the bottom of this page].  If you’d like to permanently decorate yourself [or someone you love] with these designs, you are welcome to use them as long as you send me a photo of the finished product to add to this page!

If you’re more interested in a small, temporary version, feel free to drop me an email request giving me your mailing address and I’ll send one of the temporary tattoos to you.


Odin Tattoo

This mark makes its first appearance in WARRIOR’S REDEMPTION, emblazoned on the chest of Malcolm MacDowylt.  I’ll hold off on sharing more info about this particular mark until after you’ve had a chance to read his story…



The Mark of the Guardian design first appeared in Soul of a Highlander, emblazoned on Ramos Navarro’s arm.

Since that first book, it has continued to grow in importance in the series, showing up on the well-muscled arms of the heroes in A Highlander’s Destiny and A Highlander’s Homecoming.

Arms aren’t the only place you’ll find this mark showing up in the books. In it’s simpler form, you’ll also find it emblazoned on the Portals to the Faerie Realm, Wyddecol. It’s even engraved on jewelry!

Snake Image

The beautiful tattoo was designed for me based on a specific set of criteria and an initial poorly rendered set of scribblings I had done. Who’s the talented artist? Nicholas Wade-Mayhue, my oldest son. Thank goodness he didn’t inherit his mother’s inability to draw a straight line!

The idea for the design came from an ancient Pictish symbol. Since those are so old and so little is known for sure about their meanings, it seemed a perfect choice. Besides, the snaked wrapped around the pole reminded me of a Do Not Enter sign… exactly the idea I was going for!!!

If you’d like to see more of the original symbol, what’s called the snake and z-bar carving, check this SITE [link is dead] showing stone with ancient Pict engravings on stone, with particular emphasis on stones at Brandsbutt, Logerait and Myreton.

Reader Photos

Guardian Denny

Guardian Denny

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