This page was born from both request and necessity. There are questions I see over and over again, so I know they’re ones that many people have. Maybe your question is in the list, too! If it’s not, don’t hesitate to use the contact form to ask YOUR question!

1. Is there a list of your books, printable and in order, on the website?

Yes there is! You can see it HERE.

2. Will there be more books in the series? If so, how many and when?

Yes, there will be more books. I can’t say how many right now… that depends on how many more characters show up in my books that want stories of their own and how long you guys keep buying and reading the books! As to when the next book is due out, check the HOME page for what’s coming next.

3. What formats are the books available in?

All the Daughters of the Glen and Warrior series are available in e-book [kindle, nook, ibooks, kobo]. Some are still available in mass market paperback [especially if you can find them used]. The publisher – Pocket/Simon & Schuster – is only printing them as they are ordered now, so they’re available only as hard cover or trade paperback. The first two in the Daughters of the Glen series [Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband and Highland Guardian] are also available in audiobook. I don’t know if any more will be put into audiobook, but I don’t anticipate they will.

The new books — Magic of Time series and Chance, Colorado series — will be available in e-books [kindle, nook, ibooks, kobo] and in print. After we have a couple of books out in each series, we’ll be investigating putting them into audiobooks.

4. Will Dallyn get his own book?

I feel certain he will one day. It’s just not time for his story yet. [Translation: I don’t know his story yet!]

5. Will Rosie get her own book?

Maybe. She’s so integral to many of the stories right now… and she is only seven! Still, one day, through the
magic of time travel, we should get to see what happens to her. 🙂

6. Is the Magic of Time series a completely new series?

Yes and no. How’s that for a convoluted answer? The Daughters of the Glen came first. The Warrior series flowed out of that. The Magic of Time series will be combining both of those series more closely and, if you’ve followed those series, you’ll be seeing characters you met in those books show up in the new books as we delve back into the intrigue of the Faerie world.

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